Gentle Leader vs. Prong Collar vs. simple walk Harness

There’s no training collar that works finest for each dog, as well as that’s what I’m getting at with this post.

Heck, there’s not even a collar that works finest for one pet dog in all situations!

Walking my pet dog downtown while bring a coffee as well as buying bags is method different than walking him in a peaceful nature preserve, for example.

So in this post, I’m describing what I like as well as don’t like about the three tools I’ve utilized while walking my weimaraner, Remy:

the gentle Leader
the prong collar and
the simple walk no-pull harness

Gentle Leader vs prong collar vs Easy walk harness

(Both tools are a bit huge on my pup in these pictures, however not for long!)

Which one is best?

In situation you haven’t figured it out, no tool is perfect.

Truth is, my puppy pulls no matter what as well as it’s a work in progress, always.

It’s about TRAINING, not discovering a “magical” tool. I utilize a training tool to assist me while I continue to work on training.

Limiting a dog’s pulling takes time. It’s truly about patience, training, consistency as well as discovering whatever tool assists you MANGAGE your pet dog while keeping everybody safe.

I can only tell you which collars are finest for my specific dogs.

So which collar is finest for Remy?

I really like the gentle Leader finest for the largest range of dogs (I’m a pet dog walker as well as rescue volunteer).

That being said, the gentle Leader is the worst of the three tools for Remy. For him, it’s a tie between the prong collar as well as the simple walk harness. I haven’t made a decision which is finest so I rotate between them depending upon what we’re doing. Lásd lentebb.

The gentle Leader

I like the gentle Leader however it does not work well for my pet dog Remy.

The gentle Leader fits over the dog’s muzzle (similar to a horse). When the pet dog pulls, the collar is created to carefully pull the dog’s muzzle as well as head to the side.

The gentle Leader works so well for a great deal of dogs as well as it’s my top recommendation. I’ve utilized it on most likely 100 dogs by now.

However, it’s not so great for Remy.

Remy closes his mouth (avoids panting), puts his head low as well as to the side as well as pulls difficult against it the entire walk. This triggers the material to rub under his eyes, making the skin raw as well as his eyes bug out. It hurts him. as well as after a half-hour he’s almost having a warm stroke from not panting.

When we pass people, he paws at his muzzle desperately as well as stands on his hind legs triggering people to stop as well as other dogs to react.

It frustrates as well as embarrasses me, as well as Remy is likewise frustrated.

So, not a great fit.

I keep trying it hoping it will get better, however it’s normally quite frustrating.

The prong collar

A prong collar is a chain collar with flat “prongs” around it that put gentle pressure on the dog’s neck when he pulls. The prong collar is restricted in exactly how far it can tighten. (It’s a martingale collar.)

People truly tend to panic when I even mention the word prong collar, leaving my blog in a huff. (So, please don’t do that.)

So I have to ask, do people believe prong collars are “spiked” or sharp on the ends? since they’re FLAT.

I changed Remy to the prong collar when he was 5 months old, so we’ve been utilizing it on as well as off for about 8 months.

It’s like night as well as day.

He’s so much happier with it as well as he no longer “bucks” or paws at his face. I have the most manage over him than any type of other tool, as well as it’s crucial to have manage over a boisterous, teen weimaraner. He’s only going to get larger as well as stronger.

But the prong collar is not perfect.

Remy still pulls while using it, as well as I don’t like that there’s nearly constant pressure on his neck.

So that’s why I tried the simple walk harness …

Easy walk no-pull harness

The simple walk harness is a nylon harness that limits the impacts of a dog’s pulling since the leash clips to the breast as well as tightens the harness around the dog’s breast as well as shoulders when he pulls. It carefully pulls him to the side as well as makes pulling uncomfortable.

I gotten a large, so Remy’s was still a bit loose on him in these pictures, however not for long!

The simple walk harness seems to work quite well for Remy. I like that it takes all the pressure off his neck. (Although, it does rub his skin raw under his arms. Sigh.)

He still pulls while using it (of course), however it does make our walks a lot more satisfying as well as he seems happier too. The simple walk harness is a lot more efficient with Remy than I expected. There’s a reason you see so lots of people utilizing them. Dolgoznak!

My primary issue with the harness is it still enables Remy the flexibility to jump on people. He’s able to truly introduce HIMSELF at people while using it. Like, it seems to assist him get AIR! have you ever seen anything like it? Ha!

The prong collar works much better for controlling him when he tries to jump.

Because of this, I tend to utilize the prong collar when I’m walking both my dogs together by myself since it provides me a lot more control. On my longer strolls as well as hikes with Remy by himself, I tend to utilize the harness.

Let’s deal with it, the harness likewise provide me a possibility to kind of “check out” from training while still keeping my pet dog relatively managed as long as no people are around. This is something all of us requirement at times, contributing to the popularity of this harness.

Here’s my in-depth post on no pull harnesses you may discover helpful.

So what’s the verdict?

Well, I utilized the gentle Leader for my lab mix Ace. It worked the very best for him.

For Remy, I rotate between the prong collar as well as the simple walk harness as well as the gentle Leader. They all work … kind of.

There is no tool that works finest for each pet dog in every situation!

I utilize three tools everyday between my two dogs.

For quick potty breaks, the prong collar works finest for Remy since I can keep him under manage around off-leash dogs that walk by often on our street. I can stop him from jumping as well as wiggling around.

For longer walks around the community or hiking, the simple walk harness is finest since if Remy’s going to be pulling it takes the pressure of his neck.

And for the walks where I take both dogs by myself, I like to have Remy as well as my new pup Rip both on simple walk harnesses. It assists me handle them however I can checkout from formal heel training.

It is challenging to wrangle two big dogs, pick up poop, bring the poop bags as well as maneuver around other residents.

It’s the worst when I’m undoubtedly choosing up poop as well as somebody barges over with her dogs. “CAN WE state HI!”

Um … hi? Nem?

But still, I requirement to be able to manage my dogs even if other people are being idiots. So, that’s where all these tools come in.

No collar is perfect. No pet dog is perfect. I’m definitely not perfect!

What tool do you currently utilize the most for walking your dog?

Do you have any type of comments to add about any type of of these collars?

Let me understand in the comments!

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